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"Tangelo Hang in There!" Billboards are now available for Display to Malls & Buses!


Is a Nationwide, Motivational Campaign in support of all those affected by health, violence, and economical crises.You can join the solidarity movement and help cheer-up someone who will be looking at the indoor and outdoor billboards displays or standees sponsored by you in your Community or nationwide.

The Billboards come with the Sponsor's Name, State’s or Town’s Name, or the Mall’s’ Name that can be integrated upon request on each Artwork. (See samples posted.)

To further help Communities, Lady-Elle StarQueen the author of the artworks offers to include a website's name on each Billboard for viewers to purchase merchandises with Tangelo the Cat™ - Hang in There America! on them and proceeds from these sales  would go toward helping feed people in the communities where the Billboards are displayed. Each Teeshirt becomes a mobile billboard that would cheer-up someone and help feed people in their community. Contact DCT to join!


During these hard times Dreams ComeTrue (DCT) licenses and provides copies of the Name Brands artwork(s) of
Tangelo the Cat™ - Hang in There America, and Tangelo Hang in There! by Lady-Elle StarQueen at a “Solidarity Reduced Rate” to Sponsors, Advertisers, Philanthropists and to Malls based on the following criteria:

- Format of the Displays,
- Number of Locations,
- Locations’ Demographics,
- Duration of the Displays.

Copies of the original artworks of Tangelo the Cat™ - Hang in There America and Tangelo Hang in There! (Cat-Toon) come in three colors, Red, Blue and White, and in two formats: Horizontal and Vertical, in PDF or JPG large size files. DCT offers integration of the Sponsor's photo(s) and name on the side(s) of the  Arwork for an extra fee.

The Reduced Solidarity Rate is based on a percentage* of the minimum of 4-week gross Display Rate, per Location, and per number of Displays. Contact Dreams ComeTrue for more information.


- The Artworks’ licensing fees at the “Solidarity Reduced Rate” to Dreams ComeTrue (DCT) who administers the Artworks' Licenses per Display, per location, and per 4-weeks minimum, with agreements and “Non-Compete Disclosure forms signed and provided by DCT.

- Printing, and or Production costs, or Display costs of the licensed Artworks are provided by the Advertiser. DCT does not handle full services printing or production set-ups for Billboards or Displays.


Visit Dreams-ComeTrue.Com or Contact Dreams ComeTrue for Rates, and to Place an Order.

Help us Cheer-up America today
and bring back a smile and hope into people’s life with a Tangelo the Cat™billboard!

*Dreams ComeTrue Teams with Full Service Ad Agencies and Malls to help simplify Advertisers or Sponsors' maximum exposure. Contact DCT if you would like to Sponsor Tangelo's Artworks, or if you are a Full Service Ad Agency or Mall looking to Team with DCT.

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